Running Club – the first run 🏃🏽 

I’ve tried running before, independently, and find myself following a flat, 20 minute route – barely breaking into a sweat and walking at the slightest of inclines. After all, I’m only hindering my own develpment so what does it matter?

So, I joined a club. It took a few weeks (ok, maybe months) before plucking up the courage to go along – and with the encouragement of a friend of my sisters, I did it! 

The first run was tough – long stretches of steep incline, rocky paths and sloped verges combining to a 8.6k route (just over 5 miles).

According to the trusty FitBit I ran for a total of 1:17mins and burned 741 calories! Personal Best by far!  

Running as part of a group has really motivated me to persevere through those struggles and push myself to the limits. I mean, who wants to be responsible for holding up the team? Not me! Joking aside, chatting to co-runners whilst running helps me to regulate breathing as well as my pace and makes the time pass more quickly.  

“Keep going , keep going” I repeat in my mind, trying to keep up with the trainers of the runner in front..

I did my fith club run last week and I can definitely feel myself improving. Getting out on my own is still proving to be a challenge but I’m hoping it’ll come with time.

Top tips learnt this week;

  • Cure a stitch by completely emptying your lungs 
  • Look at the ground when running uphill whilst setting moving targets 2-3 metres in front. A leaf, a tree, a lamppost – setting short distance target points has really motivated me to get to the top of some steep, lengthy hills! 
  • Lamppost Targets – Run as fast as you can to one lamppost, and walk to the next. Alternate this when struggling to keep going (Requires evenly spaced lampposts, useful for inclines)

My next post will include pictures of some of the beautiful landscapes which I am fortunate enough to run alongside 🏃🏽 . . . Until then – happy running!